Our mission

Our only mission is to make you discover the know-how and creativity of local female artisans. These women who devote their time to create and refine with their hands products that are close to their hearts. We put forward the handmade that makes each product unique, we highlight the time that is put into thinking about the products, making them with care and personalizing them. 

We want to offer you the best of handmade products made by women from across Canada. To do so, we make it our duty to collaborate with emerging female artisans from around Canada. Our motto: long live the local crafts! 

Our vision

To be the number one platform showcasing the creations of local female artisans!

Our greatest wish is that through the boutique Pilimpikou, the female artisans can live from their work full time. We want to be part of their growth and success so that these women can achieve their full potential.

The origin of the name

Pilimpikou means butterfly in French, the word comes from a village of about 6 750 people in Burkina Faso where Monique, the founder, grew up surrounded by artisan families.

Pilimpikou evokes for the founder authenticity, handmade and simplicity. Moreover, the International Handicrafts Fair of Ouagadougou (SIAO) in Burkina-Faso is today one of the main handicraft’s fairs in Africa. Exhibitors from more than 25 countries attend each year and the event attracts more than 400,000 visitors.


 The owner

Nice to meet you! I am Monique, the owner of the Pilimpikou boutique.

I arrived in Quebec on February 6, 2002, in the middle of a Quebec winter and the shock of the temperatures was quite brutal, hi-hi! Besides the cold winter weather, I love Quebec, because Quebecers are very welcoming and open. What a beautiful province!

Having grown up surrounded by business people, I always dreamed that one day I would have my own business. During my maternity leave, I was always looking for products with natural ingredients for myself and my little family. While visiting group pages on social networks, I was able to admire the incredible work of female artisans. I then imagined a store offering only handcrafted products that I love and that I could share with others who have the same needs as me.

My only goal is to offer my customers products by the best artisans. Delivered quickly. My greatest joy is to discover a female artisan, to put her products in the spotlight so that one day, she can make a full time living from them.

Welcome to the Pilimpikou world, and thank you for your support.