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Gourmet Gift Set, Honey and lemon jelly, Onion confit, Honey candy, Coffee bag

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Description and details

Because our moms and dads are so precious and deserve to be taken care of, this Gourmand set is the perfect gift!

The set includes : 

-Ground coffee: woody, mildly bitter and medium-bodied. Ideal for filter coffee!

-Honey and lemon jelly: Lemon jelly is refreshing and adds a wonderful touch of creativity to desserts while adding a touch of originality to Brie cheese. It is made with freshly squeezed lemons, which is what makes it taste so fresh!

-Onion confit: Onion confit is perfect for adding to your list of condiments or enhancing your classics by adding a little je-ne-sais-quoi. Cooked with raw apple cider, its taste is sure to please.

-Honey candies: 100% pure honey candies. For little moments of happiness! 

Note: you can replace ground coffee with coffee beans at no extra charge. Just mention it in the comment section when you order.