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No Rinse Exfoliating Pineapple and Coconut Whipped butter

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Description and details

Treat yourself with this whipped pineapple and coconut exfoliant. 

This no rinse exfoliating butter enriched with jojoba oil and shea is used on dry or wet skin. Take a small amount and massage in circular motion to make it penetrate well. Remove the grains with your hand or towel to keep the nourishing effect of oils on your skin. Once or twice a week.

Soy butter

  • Rich in lecithin, sterolines, vitamin E and omega-3
  • Easily penetrates the skin
  • Has emollient properties
  • Holds an important moisturizing power
  • Helps reconstruct the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin
  • Softens and soothes dry, irritated and damaged skin


  • Have large emollient properties
  • From coconut oil

Shea oil

  • Promotes healing and repair and reduces skin inflammation thanks to the presence of Karistérols
  • Improves the flexibility of the skin and the skin barrier thanks to its high oleic acid content
  • Protects from dehydration
  • Perfect for very dry and mature skin
  • Restorative, soothing, softening and protective

Jojoba oil

  • Rich in unbearable with protective, softening, softening anti-aging and anti-dehydrating properties.
  • Reduces the insensitive loss of water by reconstructing the hydrolipidic film without excessive occlusion
  • Smooth and firms the skin that finds flexibility and elasticity

Coconut pulp

  • Performs a soft scrub
  • Makes the skin smoother