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Organic Wildflower Honey 500g

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Description and details 

The variety of flowers foraged by our bees gives amber honey a naturally darker color, a sweet fragrance and a pleasant taste. This honey is unpasteurized, like all our products, in order to preserve its natural taste and its delicious properties. It is filtered and liquefied at low temperature, in order to offer you a pleasant texture.

Because of its constitution, honey will tend to recrystallize more or less quickly, once in your pantry. This phenomenon is quite normal and does not alter the quality of the product, it testifies to the true character of honey. It can be used as is. To regain its optimal texture, place the jar in a double boiler and heat the water gently, below the boiling point. The honey will regain its liquid texture. The use of the microwave is to be avoided.


  • Quebec honey
  • Not pasteurized
  • Natural