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Serenity bath salt

Serenity bath salt

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This floral bath salt "serenity" of the brand QuebecSimkha is an organic mix of Epsom salt and of Dead Sea salt enriched rose petals and DPink essential oil. The magic ingredient for a romantic and luxurious bath. Enjoy a pure moment of serenity thanks to the benefits of the mineral salts and the smell of dried rose petals and rose essential oil. For a real anti-stress bath, complete with our atmosphere candles.

  • Helps relieve irritated skin (eczema and psoriasis)
  • Soothes joint and muscular pain thanks to the presence of mineral salts
  • Promotes relaxation as much at the body level and the spirit

Suitable for all types of skins.

Manual :Sprinkle the contents of a tablespoon of salt in the bath water. Is preferably used in hot water (37 degrees). Enjoy for at least 20 minutes to leave the skin the time to immerse yourself of all the benefits of our bath salt. Use the evening to enjoy a restorative sleep. External use exclusively.

Format: 200 g


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