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Description and details 

This organic hand cream of the Quebec brand Simkha Moisturizes and effectively soothes very dry, sensitive or crevidated hands. In addition to his restorative action, she softens the skin and cuticles. Light and delicately fragrant to lavender, geranium and small grain, it feels divinely good. Its practical format makes it possible to win with oneself at all times. She will be your best friend during the cold months or very sunny days!

  • Spreads easily
  • Sustainably hydrate
  • Relieves dry hands, sensitive or crevidated
  • Leave your skin pleasantly scented
  • Silky texture, non-greasy and non-sticky

Made in Quebec from natural ingredients.

Ingredients :

  • Shea butter: hydrate, nourishes and repairs dried and damaged hands.

  • Cocoa butter: protecting, hematrized moisturizing the skin of hands exposed all day in the sun.

  • Olive oil: softens the cuticles and eliminates the small unsightly skins around the nails.

  • Geranium (Essential Oil): It has anti-aging properties and restores shine to the skin.

  • Lavender (essential oil) or small grain.

  • Candelilla wax.

Format:60 ml