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Miel & Co.

Honey-Bonne Nuit

Honey-Bonne Nuit

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To be consumed with a spoon or in a cup of hot water.

    - Size 275g, equavalent to 39 infusions.

    Miel Bonne is a raw, seasonal honey. Its essential oils are recognized as soothing and relaxing. Enjoy it 30 minutes before bedtime, either with a spoon, in a cup of hot water or, for ultimate comfort, in a glass of hot milk.

    An essential to have on your bedside table.

    Ingredients: Raw seasonal honey, Bonne nuit complex (essential oils: mandarin, ravintsara, orange, Labrador tea, vetiver, cardamom and sandalwood).

    Not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women.
    Made in Québec
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